In the studio of Helen Pashgian, Pasadena California, 2023 for The Getty Museum. Image by Fredrik Nilsen Studio.

Art Documentation Work / Since 2022, I've had the privilege of collaborating with the photographer Fredrik Nilsen at his studio practice, where our focus centers on documenting art and exhibitions. Diving into this world is incredibly fulfilling; connecting with all the amazing artwork, talented artists, and the people involved that move the documentation process forward is an outstanding experience. My role extends to assisting during on-location shoots and serving as an associate photographer in the studio. Using photography to convey the highly unique experience of being present with an artwork and then seeing the result shared in various formats with those unable to view the piece in person is what this work is all about. The practice seamlessly intertwines with my interests, making it an absolute perfect fit. 

Some of the clients and artists we've had the pleasure of working with recently at FNS include: 
Aaron Curry, Benton Pomona College Museum of Art, Charles Gaines, David Kordansky Gallery, Helen Pashgian, Hauser & Wirth, Herald St Gallery, Judith Bernstein, Lesley Vance, M aka Michael Chow, Marian Goodman Gallery, Mary Weatherford, Michael Werner Gallery, MOCA, Pace Gallery, Paul McCarthy Studio, Pilar Corrias, Ruscha Studio, Steve McQueen, Tala Madani, The Box Gallery.




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